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Trinity Squash Inter-Varsities 2013 - Recap

This year Dublin City University (DCU) and ALSAA hosted the squash inter-varsities on Friday February 15th and Saturday, February 16th. The tournament was attended by approximately 140 students from eight universities across Ireland: Dublin College University, National University of Ireland Galway, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, University College Dublin, University of Ulster Jordanstown, and Queens University Belfast.

The Trinity squash club comprised of three Men's teams:
Mens' A Mens' B Mens' C
1 Pete Winzeler David Mulligan Elena Tangtra
2 Kevin Kerrigan Adrian Maraj Sid Swamy
3 Tony Simpson James Kong Nihaal Mehta
4 Robert Ta Enda Holohan Anish Raghavan
5 Sean O''Sullivan Max Baylis Richie Whitey

The men's C team had a great start by beating UCD (4-1) in the first round to advance to the second round. Next, they played UCC who they convincingly beat 4-1 and then defeating DCU 3-2 in the finals for the title. Congratulations are in order for the Men''s C team!


Trinity Squash Men's C Team - left to right - Sid Swamy (Captain), Anish Raghavan, Robert Ta
(Captian), Elena Tangtra, Richie Whitey. Missing: Nihaal Mehta. Photo courtesy of Elena Tangtra

The Men's B team had a tough final against UCC as Max Baylis (5) and Enda Holohan (4) were both beaten in the first two matches. As a result, every match for the Trinity squad from now on was vital in keeping them alive to win the division final. In the next match, David Mulligan (1) played a tough #1 UCC opponent who kept him working hard throughout the match, all the way until the end of the 5th and deciding game. It was a very close game and the audience was on the edge of their seats until the very end. Fortunately for Trinity, Dave came out on top after many tough and long rallies and won the match, 3 games to 2. James Kong (3) easily beat his opponent 3-0 and the team could breathe a little easier. The Trinity/UCC series was now tied at 2-2. The mounting pressure was transferred to our last teammate, Adrian Maraj (2). Adrian sailed to a 2-1 lead in games and it appeared he would seal the deal. However, his opponent would not give in so easily and came back to take the 4th game. This time, the 5th and deciding game would not only decide the winner of the match, but also which team would win the division B final. Adrian made his way to victory and as one Trinity member describes him, "...it was like watching ocean waves rolling in. I felt instantly calmer when I see him play". Despite his calm and relaxed demeanor, Adrian hammered the final nail in the coffin and completed the Trinity comeback! What a way to end the finals by showing their true determination and prevailing to win 3 matches in a row after being down 2-0 in the series. Congratulations to the Men's B team for all their hard work!


Trinity Squash Men's B Team - left to right - Sean O'Sullivan (Captain), James Kong, Adrian Maraj,
David Mulligan, Max Baylis. Missing: Enda Holohan. Photo courtesy of Elena Tangtra

The Men's A team started off by facing rivals UCD in the first round. Sean O'Sullivan (5) beat his opponent 3-0. Robert Ta (4) played 5 games to beat his opponent 3-2. Our very own premier player, Pete "the Magician" Winzeler (1) played some great rallies with his opponent, but ran out of magic tricks in the end losing 3-1. Tony "Allez!" Simpson (3) tried to rally back against his opponent but ended up losing 3-1. Newly minted Ph.D, Kevin Kerrigan (2) played against our very own ex-Trinity club captain Karlis Zauers (that traitor!) and was beaten 3-0. The final series was in favour of UCD 3-2 and because they had beaten NUIG the day before, that meant that Trinity was eliminated from advancing to the finals. The next matchup in the pool was against NUIG in which Tony was the only winner as we lost the series 4-1.


Trinity Squash Men's A Team - left to right - Kevin Kerrigan, Robert Ta, Pete Winzeler, Tony Simpson
(Captian), Sean O'Sullivan. Photo courtesy of Elena Tangtra

The evening concluded with a dinner and award reception at the Metro Hotel. Irish Squash representative Roland Budd presented the awards and the final results of the tournament were:
Mens' A: UCD Womens' A: RCSI
Mens' B: TCD Womens' B: UCD
Mens' C: TCD
Mens' D: UCC

Trinity Squash would like to give many thanks to the organizers at DCU and ALSAA for a hosting a great event. Thanks to Irish Squash and to the other organizations for helping to sponsor the tournament. A special thanks goes out to our coach, Elvy D'Costa who kept us training hard leading up to the tournament!

David Mulligan accepting the award on behalf of the Men's B team. Photo courtesy of Elena Tangtra Sid Swamy receives the award on behalf of the Men's C team. Photo courtesy of Elena Tangtra

We have a young and enthusiastic developing team at Trinity and we hope to better our success at next year's inter-varsities! We also hope to see the creation of a ladies team next year as well. Thanks to all the players who came out to participate and we look forward to playing again next year!

Robert Ta
Social Secretary
Dublin University Squash Racquet Club

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